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Experienced Representation and Personal Commitment

At The LoCurto Law Firm, P.A., in Tallahassee, Florida, it’s all about you – the client. Different legal matters require different approaches. As a small firm, we are able to tailor our representation to meet every client’s needs and objectives. We provide experienced, aggressive, high-quality legal representation in construction law, labor and employment law, business litigation, consumer protection and property damage claims. We are purpose driven and results oriented. If you are a subcontractor who has been stiffed by the GC then you want your money – yesterday. If you are an employee who was fired after 10 years of loyal and dedicated service to an employer you want to be treated fairly and with the dignity and respect you earned. As a small firm, we provide the kind of personal commitment and personalized service to our clients that only a small firm can provide. We represent individuals and businesses throughout Leon County and the Florida Panhandle region.

Our attorney has been representing clients in Florida for more than 20 years, in both state and federal courts. Early in his career, he took one consumer protection case all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, resulting in a ruling that favored his client and set precedent for state law.

Skilled Help With Construction And Employment Law

In our construction law practice, we represent:

  • General contractors who are having difficulty getting paid by the homeowner for the work they’ve done
  • Sub-contractors who are owed money by the general contractor; and
  • Property owners when the contractor has failed complete the work he contracted to do in a competent and workmanlike manner.
Each of these types of clients has different rights that must be treated differently and prosecuted correctly. Construction litigation can get expensive quickly so we work first to perfect our client’s rights and place them in the strongest possible position to either gain the other party’s full compliance and/or negotiate a reasonable compromise that ends litigation quickly or avoids it altogether. Above all we always put our client’s interests and pocket book ahead of our own. While this may sound basic, some firms will allow litigation to drag on needlessly and drive up litigation costs, when an early and much more cost- effective resolution may have been achieved. Whether in construction litigation or other types of business dispute, we pride ourselves on the ability to think more like a business man than a lawyer. This means that we always seek the best and most cost- effective outcome even when to do so means much less money in attorney fees. We also have a long record of successful representation in employment and labor law.

We have helped many clients recover compensation if they were terminated because of discrimination (based upon race, gender, national origin, religion, age or disability) or if they were terminated because they complained about discrimination or reported an employer’s practice that is unlawful (whistleblowers). These cases are complex and have short statutes of limitations which means they must be filed right away after you are fired.

For Experienced Representation

In addition to construction law, consumer protection law and employment law, we have experience with business litigation, copyright, trademark, foreclosure defense and other legal areas.

If you need a lawyer with experience, integrity and a personal commitment to their clients, call our office today at 850-629-0027 to schedule a free initial consultation and begin learning about your legal options. You can also contact us by email.


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